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Quality schools lead to quality education. Welsh can help.

When we think about the built environment and how it influences the practices and personalities that interface with it, it is hard to think of a more impactful facility than a PK-12 educational building. Commissioning can add a lot of value here by placing a quality control mechanism on specific aspects of the built environment, which are then augmented by other touches by the design team or district staff. The architect, for example, can design a library space that draws from natural light and integrates social areas and technology well - but if an HVAC controls issue persists that makes the space uncomfortable for students, the added interactions go unnoticed and the environment can feel cold and unwelcoming. By looking at HVAC, electrical and lighting systems, and even other systems like security and communications - commissioning can help solidify an environment to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

See below for a sample of PK-12 projects. You can see more details about a project by hovering over the image, and even more details by clicking on the pictures in your browser. Reach out at for a comprehensive list of PK-12 project experience or to discuss how we can help you on your upcoming project.

Power in Numbers


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Construction Cost of Projects

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