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Higher Education

From design to turnover, we can help bring innovation and sustainability to our colleges.

Higher education buildings can be some of the most innovative and eye-catching construction projects out there. This usually stems from the variety of drivers at play - from code or regulatory drivers regarding energy efficiency, and also from student and community desire to innovate and integrate new technologies into the learning process. These drivers can be conflicting - how do we put these new systems into a sleek building and have them be easy to maintain? Integrate them with existing campus controls? Ensure staff gets appropriate training to maintain equipment operating conditions? Commissioning can provide an avenue to place focus on these questions at every stage of the design and construction process.

See below for a sample of higher education projects. You can see more details about a project by hovering over the image, and even more details by clicking on the pictures in your browser. Reach out at for a comprehensive list of higher education project experience or to discuss how we can help you on your upcoming project.

Power in Numbers


Square Feet Commissioned


Construction Cost of Projects

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