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Energy Benchmarking across the United States

As a building owner or operator, it is important to keep up with legislation and opportunities involving energy benchmarking. These programs can take on a variety of approaches and even have a variety of outcomes. Some are voluntary - and can come with grant money to make improvements for your facility, while others are mandatory and bring with them a fine for non-compliance.

ENERGY STAR, the federal program targeting energy efficiency in a variety of industries, manages a tool called ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. This tool has become the gold standard for analyzing facility energy usage and establishing targeted and specific goals for improvements. ENERGY STAR recently published an interactive map of the United States that identifies energy benchmarking policies in jurisdictions across the country. As these programs become more robust and widespread, this tool can be a great way for building owners to stay informed and empowered. The map is shown below embedded into our website.

Welsh Commissioning Group can work with your team on your next energy benchmarking project. We can help you understand local legislation as well as identify grants or capital opportunities available for your facility to minimize the cost of necessary facility upgrades. These upgrades can then be commissioned to ensure the energy savings you invest in is realized to its full potential. If you have questions about energy benchmarking in your area, contact us today at

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