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It Started with Sustainability

Welsh Commissioning Group was formed in 1999 prior to the green building movement. Clients wanted their buildings to have a low carbon footprint, both for the cost savings and for the world of tomorrow. We built the commissioning process around what they needed and what they cared about.

Commissioning isn't just a code requirement, and it doesn't exist to check boxes. Commissioning is a value-added process that shapes the building around the occupants and their needs. 

Designing your buildings for sustainability is important - but commissioning them is critical to achieving your energy goals.

We Believe in What We Do

Welsh Commissioning Group is a proud member of the Building Commissioning Association (BCA). The BCA works to make sure that the commissioning process provides real value to facility owners, and to help recognize the individuals that drive the profession forward. For the latter goal, they created the Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP) certification. Today, the CCP is nationally recognized as one of the most impactful credentials a commissioning provider can have. While there are thousands of CCP's across the country, our firm featured the first individual in the world to have the CCP certification - he helped shape the criteria.

Today, we continue to work with the BCA and other organizations to make sure that everyone understands what the commissioning process is and the value it can provide.

Martin Long

Chief Executive Officer

Phil Burns

Chief Finance Officer

Jolie Kinney

Human Resources Manager

The Commissioning Experts


Tim O'Neill, PE, CCP, CxA, LEED AP

Division Director

Tim has been with Welsh since 2005. He is exceptionally detail-oriented, and well known in the industry for the value he provides.

As Division Director, he works to continually improve our process and deliverables to keep us on the leading edge.


Andrew Balmer, CCP, CxA

Principal Commissioning Specialist

Andrew joined Welsh in 2008 and has a background in building controls. He is exceptionally skilled at building and executing complex tests for integrated systems. His clients value his ability to communicate with all members of the project team, and explain technical situations in terms that owners understand, which allows them to make informed and accurate decisions.


Tyler Barnes

Staff Commissioning Engineer

Tyler came to Welsh in 2021. He has a diverse background that includes experience with controls, integrated systems, and thermodynamics. Tyler's attention to detail and communicative personality have made him a quick-study and a great addition to any commissioning team.


Jeni Hughes

Office Manager

Jeni has been with Welsh since 2005.  She handles administrative activities such as monthly invoicing and marketing support and also provides direct support to both clients who need assistance and project managers to compile their deliverables. Chances are - if you have worked with Welsh, then you have worked with Jeni!


Jeff Small CCP, CxA

Principal Commissioning Specialist

Jeff has been with Welsh since it all started in 1999. He has served as the lead Commissioning Provider for over 150 facilities. Jeff has more commissioning projects under his belt than many competitors’ entire firms. He is dedicated to helping clients deliver facilities on time, on budget, and operating as designed.


Rich Meyer, QCxP, BEAP, LEED AP

Principal Commissioning Specialist

Rich came to Welsh in 2022, and is a key addition to our team in existing building commissioning and energy auditing. He has been in the industry since 1987 when he started his own mechanical contracting firm. Since then, he has become an industry leader at identifying energy efficiency measures and helping clients realize their energy goals.


Josh Fisher

Staff Commissioning Engineer

Josh joined Welsh in 2021. As a member of his collegiate football team, he has practical experience with the value of executing a game plan and communicating with your team. He has excelled at applying these concepts to help projects stay on-time and identify important issues.


This could be you!

Careers at Welsh

Do you want to be part of an innovative and dynamic team that drives the industry? We are currently hiring for the following positions:

  1. Senior Commissioning Engineer/Specialist

  2. Commissioning Engineer/Specialist

Click here for more information!


Byron Holmstead, PE, CCP, LEED AP

Principal Commissioning Engineer

Byron joined Welsh in 2013 and brings over 20 years of experience to the projects he works on. Byron is a thoughtful advocate for the owner, and places your needs first throughout the commissioning process. Combined with his HVAC design experience, he is a valuable member of any team.


Jake Huang, PE, CCP, CxA

Senior Commissioning Engineer

Jake has been with Welsh since 2014, and is recognized in the industry for his technical knowledge and attention to detail. Jake has degrees in both mechanical and electrical engineering from the University of Washington.  This knowledge allows him to be effective at identifying and diagnosing difficult problems with integrated systems.


Matt White

Technical Marketing Engineer

Matt joined Welsh in 2020 as a project engineer before moving into a marketing role. Now, he handles project estimating, content creation, and most importantly helps to educate potential clients about the benefits of commissioning. Matt is happy to help navigate HB-1257 or other difficult challenges facing owners - give him a call today!

100% Employee Owned

Our firm together with our parent company, Performance Validation, Inc. - is proud to be 100% employee owned. This leads to better employee longevity, employee mental health, and better service to our clients. Read about it.

Federal Contracting

We are proud to help deliver quality facilities for the DoD and other federal entities. Contact our Washington office for more information.

DUNS Number: 556245319

CAGE Code: 4CW27

Business Status: SBE

Download Capabilities Statement Here

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