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Existing Building Commissioning


Existing building commissioning involves a redesigned application of construction commissioning principles to an existing facility. Occupant and O&M complaints for an aging building can be confusing and complicated. It can be difficult to identify what the culprit(s) are that are causing you the most grief, either in energy bills or angry emails - or in most cases, both.


At the start of the process, we gather documentation for both current operating conditions (building control trends, utility bills) and intended operating conditions (as-built documents, O&M manuals). We combine the documentation with equipment condition assessments and targeted functional testing to provide you with a detailed look at where your facility needs improvement now, and areas that may need improvement soon. No guesswork needed.

This link will take you to a research project performed at Texas A&M University that looks at specific impacts from existing building commissioning.

Welsh Commissioning Group is proud to partner with Puget Sound Energy and other utility providers to provide existing building commissioning services in line with local grant programs, which can significantly reduce the cost for facility owners.

There are resources available for you both to learn about commissioning and to see what it can do for your facility. Give our team a call at 253.856.3322 or to learn more.


We can help you identify local grants that could save you real dollars. Reach out below.

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