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ASHRAE Energy Audits


Whether required for a specific grant or by legislation such as HB-1257, or just desired as a more calculative approach to energy savings, ASHRAE Level 1 and Level 2 Energy Audits involve diving into a facilities current operating conditions to generate a strategic list of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM's) that you as a facility owner can implement to reduce energy costs.

Level 1 Audits are intended to scratch the surface and identify a smaller amount of basic EEM's. This can be ideal for a facility that just wants to save a bit on their next energy bill, or is 5-10% higher than a facility energy target.

Level 2 Audits go slightly deeper, involving a more structured look at energy usage. They can involve looking at equipment trends or sample testing equipment. This will identify a longer list of EEM's, including some more integrated of complex EEM's that may not be detected by a Level 1 Audit.

As outputs of an Audit, we will work with your team to understand the EEM's generated, and what the associated costs and benefits may be of implementing them. This can help give your team a strategic approach to tackling the largest issues affecting your energy efficiency.

These Audits are based on ASHRAE Standard 211-2018, a preview of which can be found here. Please reach out at 253.856.3322 or if you have any questions about what an Energy Audit would look like in your facility.

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