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The Facts About the Washington Clean Buildings Performance Standard (CBPS)

How much do you know?

Each building will be required to have a qualified person or firm certify their Energy Use Index Target (EUIt). Depending on how this number compares to your buildings current Energy Use Index (EUI), you may need to start the path to compliance soon.

Use our interactive slideshow below to learn more.

What is the ratio of EUI to EUIt for your building? (EUI/EUIt)

My EUI is 80% of my EUIt.

Your Path to Compliance Might Involve:

Certifying your EUIt
Certifying your Meter Data
Verifying or Creating O&M and Energy Management Plans
Signing Compliance Forms

Your Path to Compliance Might Take:
6 Months

Want to learn more?

Welsh Commissioning Group is going to be joined by representatives from Puget Sound Energy (PSE) to help work with building owners and operators on the ins and outs of the legislation.

The first of these webinars will be August 25th at 10AM PST.

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